Thursday, May 04, 2006

WP @ Nee Soon - Audio

Below is a 116 MB file, 2hr audio file

Started with James Gomez, Salim (Malay),

followed by introduction to Chin Way and his overly humble "put himself down" speeches (English & Mandarin)

then Low TK (Mandarin, challengning LKY to sue him!), Slyvia Lim, Tan Wui Hua

finally Low TK (Hokkien)




Anonymous said...

e link is dead!

Anonymous said...

can't download!

Anonymous said...

can anyone reupload this please?

Anonymous said...

hi, can someone who has it reupload it to other file hosting website ?? thanks

Anonymous said...

ya i cant download too! pls solve this prob if possible.thanks

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Anonymous said...

is this the correct link for download? still have difficulty downloading them.